HUMANICON - Prof. Bamberger Nutrition

Pure health – today and in the future!

Less than 10 percent of people manage to eat an optimum diet. For all the others there is ‘HUMANICON – Prof. Bamberger Nutrition’.

The typical modern lifestyle is shaped by the countless conveniences that technology has to offer, a high degree of personal security, and continuously improving standards of medical care.

At the same time, so-called diseases of affluence are on the rise. Professor Christoph M. Bamberger M.D. and his team at the Medical Prevention Center Hamburg at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf have been helping patients for many years to prevent these diseases from developing in the first place. Good nutrition takes centre stage in this regard.

‘HUMANICON – Prof. Bamberger Nutrition’ was established to help people balance any deficiencies in their diets in a targeted way. We combine the most up-to-date scientific findings with ancient knowledge from the most health-conscious dietary traditions of the world to create a completely new kind of high-quality nutritional supplement – Made in Germany*, of course!


*Some products are ‘Made in Austria’, benefitting from their equally high food production standards.